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Discover How our 
Sound therapy and breathwork 
Signature Retreats can help you Step into your peace, power and purpose..
Release Self-Sabotage, Heal Past Pain, And Reclaim Your Confidence
Dale and Nicole Joyal
Transformation Coaches

Maybe right now you’re…

  • Feeling lost or stuck and deep down you know it’s not how you really want to be… and you’re wondering if it’s even possible to shift gears at this point.
  • ​Almost desperate for a solution to your chronic emotional and mental stress, and inexplicable feelings of dis-ease.
  • ​Aware of what you should be doing on a mental level, but haven’t experienced true and lasting change from what you've tried before.
  • ​Wanting to feel more connected and confident, be less anxious, and stop getting triggered so easily.
  • ​Wishing you were more compassionate with yourself, knowing that if you talked to your friends the way you talk to yourself, you friendships would be a mess.
  • ​Craving more intimate friendships and connections with people who truly “get” you and accept you fully for who you are.

People come to the Signature Retreat to finally heal their past and make permanent shifts they’ve been trying to make for years, 
or even decades...

"Nicole and Dale's retreat was one of the most magical, awe-inspiring, and transformational experiences I've ever had the pleasure to have! Before I met Dale and Nicole I used to struggle with a sense of self worth and had a lot of self doubt. Not just about my work but my relationships and myself. Through their work I've been able to better all of my relationships in my life, specifically with myself. I also had issues with confidence and addictions I was combating but with their help and support I was able to find new paths forward that were more suited to my dreams and goals. I've received more clarity, focus and insight into my outlook on the world as well as myself with them than with anyone else and have been able to discover my true potential.  10/10 highly recommend, and will definitely do again!!!"
-Dallas Thibodeau

"Before I worked with Dale and Nicole my life felt chaotic, disconnected and super stressful. I was exhausted, burning the candle at both ends and struggled with bouts of depression and burnout. With their beautiful example and loving support I have created a life where I feel at ease most of the time, empowered to create the life I deserve to live and am super present with my loved ones. I am so grateful to have met them and if you are looking to create a more harmonious, present and happy life then having Dale and Nicole in your life will be so powerful for you!"
-Charmaine Ironside

What would your life look like if you stopped questioning yourself and your choices, and no longer lived in survival mode? 

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and picture living in a state of complete peace and clarity.
Feeling confident almost 100% of the time, and genuinely satisfied with yourself, your work, your relationships, and your body. Imagine FULLY trusting that you are accepted, loved and thriving. 

How would that change your life? Could it lead to a job promotion? Starting your own business after years of quiet consideration? Closer friends and Deeper love in your life? 
Supportive, healthy relationships with your family members?

"Working with Nicole and Dale has been so amazing because it has taken me from living in survival mode with a disregulated nervous system, that I didn't even know I was living in coupled with physical this new awareness; with compassionate support and teachings that through practice have allowed me to shed old pains both physical and emotional and live within a more comfortable and hopeful place"
-Kelli McKenzie
"Working with Dale and Nicole has been incredible because they have helped me begin to heal the relationship I have with my mother by holding the space for me to be authentic in my emotions. As I continue to grow, the relationship continues to heal, and I am very grateful to them for helping me heal a relationship that is important to me"
-Cass Leask

If you’re experiencing being in a rut you can’t get out of, We want you to know: You CAN truly heal, gain clarity on your purpose, and develop unshakable faith in yourself. 
And it doesn’t have to take years of therapy.

It can happen in one Retreat. Yes, it’s possible to reclaim your confidence, self-worth, and energy in a few days. We’ve experienced this ourselves, and so have our clients.

"Working with Dale and Nicole and attending their Retreat has been extremely nourishing. I have suffered from anxiety and self-destructive behaviours and they have taught me how to reframe my self talk and grow into emotional maturity. They have allowed me the kind of self growth I had been searching for my whole life. They taught me how to use my knowledge and put it into action in my life" 
- Tania Mohr

You too can release emotions and situations that are holding you back, get tools for lasting change, and become whole, healed, and unstuck… very quickly.

Once you let go of the blocks you’re aware of – and the ones you have yet to discover – the puzzle comes together: The partner, career, and friends you’ve always wanted appear in your life with ease. You feel better than ever, physically, mentally, and emotionally….

We believe that you have landed on this page for a reason and there is an alignment here and so if...

You find yourself wondering, why hasn’t it “worked”?! I’ve done years of therapy, meditation, and read tons of personal growth books, yet I still feel kind of empty and unaccomplished. There must be something wrong with me. I must be flawed. And I’m exhausted!

Deep down, maybe you’re afraid you’ll never reach your full potential, and you’ll always just be “fine” and “average”… but never amazing. Never like what you imagined for your life when you were a little kid.

We want you to know that WE see you. We see your masterful wholeness. We know how much you have to share with the world, but right now you feel trapped. Like you need to shed the emotional weight that’s holding you back, so you can become unstoppable. 
We are here for you.

Hi, We are Dale and Nicole Joyal...

Creators of the Mind Recalibration Method and have supported thousands of clients. We are passionate about helping others live their best life and thrive. 
We've helped countless individuals break free from limiting beliefs and step into a new way of life

Leading experts and Trainers in Sound Therapy and Integrative Breathwork. 
And one of our favourite events we facilitate is our Signature Retreats
We are ready for you. If you want to feel a tangible release in your body and let go of some things you didn’t even know you were carrying, you can join us. 
You’re worth it. 

Consider this retreat your rebirth… 

During our Retreat together you will...

  • Identify and release memories and emotions that have been holding you back
  • Pinpoint patterns that are blocking you from getting what you want
  • Gain clarity on your life direction, and solid momentum to move forward
  • ​Become less critical and judgmental of yourself and others
  • ​Connect and bond with other people in a confidential, safe setting
  • Be supported with guided meditations, sound therapy and integrative breathwork
  • ​Stop overthinking and start listening to your intuition
  • ​Get 1-1 coaching in group setting from us while being supported by like-minded people
  • ​Develop incredible confidence in yourself, and complete trust in your life path
"When I met Nicole and Dale, I thought I'd done 'the work' but I soon realized I'd only just begun.  Working with them has been life changing. It has allowed me to let go of what was holding me down and move into a lighter, freer sense of self. As a result, I am more confident, awake and aware."
-Kat McLean

Blissful Life Wellness Signature Retreat details…

June 18 - 22, 2025
Wednesday - Sunday

Wednesday: Check in begins at 4pm and the retreat starts at 5pm
Sunday: We’ll close the retreat around 12pm

Sanctum Retreat Centre, Caroline, AB

INVESTMENT $4497+gst
We offer payment plans and financing options

Your ticket includes the retreat and all meals and accommodations. 
Its an all-inclusive retreat 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Space is limited for this retreat, Register now!

Have questions? Click here to set up a call and get them answered.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Do I Have To Apply? 
We want to make sure you’re a good fit and that you’re ready for the depth of the work we will be doing. After we review your application, if you’re a good fit you’ll receive an invitation to join us, contract to sign, and link to pay.
You’ll hear back within 24-48 hours. If you’d like to set up a call to get your questions answered send us a message at

How Will I Get To The Event? 
The Calgary airport is about 90 minutes away from the retreat centre. You can rent a car or check with us if there is someone else coming from that way that you could ride share with.

Are There Payment Plans Available? 
Yes, please email We would love to make this work for you and can get creative!

Is The Retreat Non-Refundable? 
The retreat is non-refundable. There are many reasons to take advantage of Travel Insurance for your upcoming retreat. Insurance is the only way to plan for the unexpected. All deposits and payments are non-refundable. They are non-refundable because when you make a deposit it holds your spot on the retreat with limited available spaces. This prevents someone else from booking that same space. If something comes up preventing you from attending the retreat the only way to recoup your investment is through travel insurance. Travel insurance can also cover the greater part of your other expenses, such as: airline tickets, emergency medical and other expenses while on the trip.

Can I Bring A Friend Or A Family Member With Me? 
Absolutely! This retreat is designed for conscious people and we find coming alone or with a friend/family member allows for a powerful experience. Most people come alone and meet amazing people at the retreat and develop wonderful lifelong friendships and connections. If you have a friend/family member that would enjoy this experience, we encourage you to invite them.

What Is Included In Registration? 
Registration does NOT include transportation to or from the retreat. All meals and accommodations are included (Thursday snack & dinner, Friday/Saturday breakfast, lunch &dinner and Sunday breakfast & lunch) 
Your investment includes the retreat, accommodations and all meals
We can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and other dietary needs.

What Does The Retreat Schedule Look Like? 
On Wednesday June 18th, check in begins at 4pm, and the retreat begins at 5pm. 
Then Sunday, June 22nd, we’ll wrap up around 12pm.
We do not release a detailed schedule in advance, but don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to sleep and eat! You will feel very nourished and cared for.

How Is The Sound Therapy and Breathwork Signature Retreat Different From 1:1 Coaching or Personal Work? 
One of the primary reasons this retreat has so much potency and value is because of a group of people coming together to connect, heal, and grow.
Many people have challenges connecting with and trusting other people, and this group opportunity heals "wounds of connection". This is a common wound people develop when they’ve experienced betrayal, abandonment, and rejection with others.
The experiential exercises we guide you through on this retreat are only possible in a large – yet intimate – group setting. Many of our personal clients attend this retreat as a compliment to the 1:1 work they’re doing with us.

Where Is The Signature Retreat Being Held?
Sanctum Retreat Centre, Caroline, AB

What Should I Expect From The Signature Retreat?
Like most things in life, you will get out of the retreat what you put into it. Come open and willing to look at your patterns and wounds. That said, we create an environment that makes it very easy to heal, transform, and get a ton of value out of the retreat.
Expect to feel safe – perhaps safer than you’ve ever felt before – to let go and receive exactly what you need. The majority of people come in with a specific intention: Something they want to change or get clarity on. We hear over and over that they receive that, and so much more.
Immediate shifts happen for nearly everyone, and they actually last. People leave feeling and looking completely different, because they’ve released so much of the emotional weight they’ve been carrying their entire life.
Of course, not everyone will feel those large shifts right away, and that’s perfectly normal, too. We often hear from attendees that they experienced a huge shift a few weeks after the retreat. You can also expect to feel incredibly bonded with the other people you meet, even if you often feel like others don’t get you or accept you.
Although there are experiential processes that could be called “spiritual,” ANY religion or belief system or anything else you identify with, is welcomed and encouraged. This retreat is a place where you can be YOU.

Who Attends The Signature Retreat?
The most incredible and inspiring individuals in the world! Every single retreat we are deeply touched by the courage and vulnerability of the people who show up, especially those who felt very nervous before coming. We have people from all walks of life, ranging in age from 18-65+ with diverse backgrounds of race, religion, nationality and sexuality.
The commonality is that everyone is committed to their own growth and healing, and coming together to learn, grow, and heal in a compassionate, sacred space. Many people find their soul family and create friendships that last forever.

What Should I Wear At The Retreat?
Comfortable clothing and shoes that are easy to take off and put on. Activewear is ideal, and you’re encouraged to bring layers in case you get cold. 
 We’ll email you a packing list a few weeks before the retreat.

How Active Do I Need To Be?
This retreat will include moderate physical movement. Please consult your doctor first to make sure you are able to participate. Of course, you can always modify any activity for your needs. We have had people recovering from injuries attend and we can always work with what works best for your body, there is full permission to honour your needs. Please be sure to pack any supportive devices to accommodate for previous or current physical needs.
Email us with any specific medical concerns that might hinder your participation. We are here to fully support you.

Have more questions?

Email us at or book a call. We’re committed to you having the most incredible retreat experience.
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